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CBP officers are encouraged to take advantage of the facilities available to them through the USNCB. On board staff numbers are as of the end of each fiscal year. Point Arena Air Force Station, Point Arena, Cal.

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This series includes positions that require primarily professional education and training in the field of metallurgy, including ability to apply the relevant principles of chemistry, physics, mathematics, and engineering to the study of metals.

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Employee misconduct can occur inside or outside of the workplace, such as local arrests of employees for domestic violence or driving under the influence of alcohol, and can be reported for investigation by the components.

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OIG Analysis: We consider this action responsive to the recommendation, which is resolved and open. Administrative leave may be authorized to see an EAP counselor. Unauthorized use of nonpublic information.

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Employee Relations Work that involvesproviding advice and assistance to employees and managers, program administration, research, and case management in matters related to conduct, performance, attendance, and dispute resolution.

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This series coverspositionsthatinvolve support work in accident prevention, including inspecting safety conditions, investigating and compiling data on accidents, and providing information on safety standards and techniques.

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