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Homographs Examples With Meanings And Sentence

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Tell students they are to consider the meanings of the homographs on the worksheet and write a sentence to go with each meaning.

Benchmark Adelante Lessons using homophones.

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What Is a Homophone?

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People will remember points and information when verbal communication is correct.

Invite students to research puns that use homographs as an extension activity.

They must read the sentence aloud and state the meaning of the underlined italicized word.

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For example, these make readers think and laugh, or to bend at the waist. Choose the other website uses of homographs with and meanings sentence. Your comment is in moderation. Other Ways to Say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Use these for review, there are multiple contexts to help you figure the right meaning and pronunciations of these heteronyms.

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How can students use the Visual Thesaurus to make sense of some common homographs and to discover a pattern among stress homographs?


Write the definition for the underlined homographs.

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  1. It can be easy to confuse homophones and easy to use the wrong word. Then they must match the correct homophone or homograph with the sentence. Just like letters build words, but may be pronounced differently. Interested in playing more? Get Free Worksheets In Your Inbox! Wonder about homonyms was GREAT! Please add required info. Return from What Are Homonyms? All from Aiplane II. He was all right.

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