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Because of his ability to master diverse practices areas clients frequently call upon Joe to try numerous civil cases including contract, personal injury, and complex business disputes. The appeal was dismissed for lack of prosecution by the Lithman Defendants. The rest was for his medical bills that he owed.

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The Medical Council of India, after obtaining the expert opinion of two well known institutions, came to the conclusion that standard treatment protocol was followed and optimal procedures were carried out.

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Question Presented: Is it ethically permissible for an attorney, with or without notice to a client, to charge for a standard time unit without regard to how much time is actually expended? Canada, it can be difficult to know what to do.


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  1. The insured attorney may continue to help out on the case behind the scenes and rely upon the local counsel to properly know the local procedures and to timely file the necessary pleadings. The jury should have been correspondingly instructed as to the underlying case. This includes the defendant must respond to malpractice claim for legal practice.

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