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The problem with this approach is that it very inflexible, as any changes require changing the entire application and protocol software. LAN or as large as the Internet, a worldwide network of computers.

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The Department of Defense requires an internetting capability whereby different autonomous networks of users can communicate with each other. Services: Create and release a connection between the client and server.

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Report Transport on Protocols has well satisfied its requirements by its own tried and proven protocols, the agency has invested heavily in systems operating successfully with TCP, and the Armed Forces is increasingly adopting the protocol.

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Interoperability at the applications level, that is, full functional interoperability, is important to specialized communities of users such as the logistics, command and control, or research and development communities.

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LAN interconnects computers within a single site, such as an office building, a manufacturing plan, or a corporate or university campus. The Internet of Things covers a huge scope of industries and applications.

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For example, the name on a postal address is a kind of multiplexing, and distinguishes between different recipients of the same location. An HTTP request shows up in the console, and the browser renders the page.

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IP protocol stack is the first layer that introduces the virtual network abstraction that is the basic principle of the Internet model. People who create open source products publish the code and allow others to use and modify it.

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It also means that a single Network Layer has a common way to talk to many different Link Layers by simply handing them datagrams to send. Systems engineering design process across dissimilar computer applications throughout.

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